APT Textile is a manufacturer of ultrasonic protective gown, ultrasonic coverall, face mask (FFP2&3), boots/shoe/head cover and other protective garments. The ultrasonic protective garments are designed to protect workers from high pressure liquid jets (Type 3), low pressure liquid sprays (Type 4), hazardous dusts (Type 5), and light liquid splashes (Type 6).

The products are approved under Personal Protective Equipment Regulation, (EU) 2016/425 CAT.III Module C2 D examination module (B).

The ultrasonic welded protective garments are (sterile or non-sterile) recommended for medical / pharmaceutical personnel assigned to manipulating cytostatic substances as welll as service personnel assigned to cleaning and maintenance, transport or disposal operations.

APT protective/isolation garments are produced from the non-woven fabric with breathable film laminated. This fabric is suitable to EN ISO 13795 standard and the fabric quality provides comfort to both users and patients and easy use for health conditions.

The sterilization process, which is also done in house with ethylene oxide gas, is carried out according to EN ISO 11135-1 standard. Please contact us for further details.

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